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Process got signal 11

FAQ: Process got signal 11
Title: Process got signal 11
Author: Jorden
Views: 206507
Category: 06. BOINC Client Common Errors
Available in: English
Created: 12/09/2008 15:13:03
Last Modified: 12/09/2008 15:15:34


This error can be caused by the infamous segmentation error (SIGSEGV error), meaning that something broke. be it your memory, virtual memory (page file) or it's a bad batch of tasks.

Check your system with memtest86+, make your page file anew, keep a tab on whether you're the only one returning these errors, or that others have them at the same time as well. If you are the only one, it's something on your system, if there are lots more, it's a bad batch of work.

But it can also happen when you use a 64bit operating system, while the project you're getting the crashes on only gives out 32bit applications (such as Einstein does). Installing the ia32 library package will fix this problem. See also process exited with code 22 which is a similar error, on the application level.

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