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Incorrect function. (0x1) - exit code 1 (0x1)

FAQ: Incorrect function. (0x1) - exit code 1 (0x1)
Title: Incorrect function. (0x1) - exit code 1 (0x1)
Author: Jorden
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Category: 08. Project Application Errors
Available in: English
Created: 15/04/2009 09:42:03
Last Modified: 13/12/2009 17:21:29


I'll be adding possible causes when I see them.

1. When running into this error on CUDA, check your videocard driver. For most CUDA projects the absolute minimum driver version is 177.35, anything below it can cause this error.

2. When running into this error on CUDA and your driver is above the minimum of 177.35, but your BOINC version is below 6.6.20, this may be a stuck task in the video-memory. Do a full power-cycle, aka reboot your computer, to clear up anything stuck in memory.

3. When running into this error on CUDA and your driver is 195.62, you may want to downgrade to a previous stable version. Lots of people report problems with the 195.62 driver. Just remember that the latest isn't always the greatest.

4. It happens on occasion that people see this error when they run a screen saver as well as use the GPU for calculations. Please don't use the (BOINC) screen saver. Your GPU is already busy with doing many calculations, it cannot show intricate 3D patterns on your monitor at the same time. Using a screen saver will also use lots of video memory that you cannot do without on doing CUDA calculations.

5. You may have a memory problem on the card. Use either of the below testers to check the memory and logic of the card. Note: This memtest version is for Nvidia cards only, it does not work on ATIs.

MemtestG80. Copy the cudart.dll file from C:\Windows\system32\ to the directory you install this application in. Run it from a command-line window (Start->Run, type cmd, click OK. In the command line window use DOS commands to navigate to the correct directory

e.g. when installed in C:\cudatest
cd\ {Enter}
cd\cudatest {Enter}
memtestg80 {Enter}

You need to enter the graphics card memory speed and GPU core speed. If you don't know what they are you can get and run GPU-Z to find out.

OCCT Perestroika 3.0.1, choose the CUDA MemTest tool in the \bin\CUDAMemTest\ directory.

Post the results in your project forum of choice.

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