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How to do Seti Enhanced work only?

FAQ: How to do Seti Enhanced work only?
Title: How to do Seti Enhanced work only?
Author: Jorden
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Category: 09. Project Tips and Tricks
Available in: English
Created: 26/02/2009 09:10:37
Last Modified: 19/05/2009 14:35:32


To do Seti Enhanced work only at Seti and do away with those pesky Astropulse tasks, take the following steps:

-> Your Account
-> Project resource share and preferences
-> Edit Preferences
-> Set the check marks on the following as indicated:
-- [email protected] Enhanced ON
-- Astropulse OFF
-- Astropulse v5 OFF

-- If no work for selected applications is available, accept work from other applications? OFF

-- Use Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) if available: ON

Save the changes with the Update preferences button.

The next time that BOINC contacts Seti, it will use those preferences immediately.

Mind, any Astropulse work still on your computer will still have to be done, or you have to abort it. This will also enable CUDA, if you have a CUDA capable video card. (Available for Windows only at the time of writing! If you're on another OS, you can disable Use GPU as well.)

When you still get Astropulse tasks after this, make sure that the venue you changed the preferences in is the same that you set your computer for: default, home, work, school.

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