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How to disable Seti CUDA?

FAQ: How to disable Seti CUDA?
Title: How to disable Seti CUDA?
Author: Jorden
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Category: 09. Project Tips and Tricks
Available in: English
Created: 10/01/2009 05:45:47
Last Modified: 07/03/2009 10:53:19


So you have a CUDA capable GPU, but do not want to use it on those projects that are capable of using it. Is there an easy way to disable it?

Well yes.

In Seti, go to:
- Your Account;
- [email protected] preferences;
- edit preferences and take the check mark off the "Use Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) if available" option.
- Save preferences with the Update preferences button and the next time your BOINC contacts Seti it'll get the information in that you no longer want to use the CUDA option.

You can use the above option in combination with the Venues (default, home, work, school etc.) to set which (range of) computers you do want to use CUDA and which you do not.

In case another project has the CUDA option already but they do not have the above option incorporated in their preferences, then you can use BOINC 6.5.0 (or later) in combination with a cc_config.xml file. In it add:


Save it to your BOINC Data directory, default at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BOINC\ in Windows XP or C:\ProgramData\BOINC\ in Vista. Then open BOINC Manager->Advanced view->Advanced->Read config file. This will read the new file and use it immediately.

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